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Susan Lambert

President, Owner | Globe Voice Inc.


Susan Lambert is an experienced telecommunications industry executive and entrepreneur who is the president and owner of Globe Voice, Inc., a telecommunications consulting firm based in Florida.

Ms. Lambert is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of her business. This involves networking with major dealers of phone products and related services while also handling the relocation of new and refurbished equipment. Her fundamental mission is to provide excellent service for her customers and clients.

In managing her company, Ms. Lambert demonstrates creativity as well as determination. This unique combination of skills has largely been responsible for the success of the company.

Ms. Lambert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business and a bachelor's degree from Louisiana State University.

Ms. Lambert understands the importance of maintaining a high profile in everything she does. Along those lines, she is affiliated with a number of professional, civic and charitable organizations, including BNI International and the Pearl Society.

Away from the demands of her business, Ms. Lambert enjoys playing golf, reading and traveling.

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